What To Do If Your Tenant Gets a Pet


What To Do If Your Tenant Gets a Pet

 Your tenancy is going well, the rent is being paid on time and then you find out that your tenants have got a pet without first getting your permission. A fish, bird or outside pet would not be considered a problem but what if you now have a cat or dog living in your property?

The first thing to say is that your tenancy agreement will probably state that the tenants aren’t allowed to keep a pet at the property without first obtaining your consent, meaning your tenants are therefore going to be in breach of contract. However the process of taking legal action against them to terminate the tenancy on this basis will be expensive, time consuming, full of ill-feeling and not a practical option in 99.9% of cases. This really leaves you with two possible options;

Option 1

You reluctantly agree that they can keep the pet in your property. Where a property is let to tenants with a pet it is standard to collect a higher deposit to protect yourself against damage and to have a clause requiring the property and carpets to be professionally cleaned at the tenant’s expense at the end of the tenancy. You would therefore get a new tenancy agreement with the pet clauses inserted drafted & signed and collect the agreed additional amount to add towards their existing deposit. Remember you will also need to amend your deposit protection to reflect the new amount and issue a new certificate to the tenants.

Option 2

You hold firm and say that you are not prepared to allow the tenants to have a pet in your property. Given that they have already got the pet without first getting permission it is possible that they will either refuse to remove the pet or appear to agree but actually keep the pet in the house behind your back. If you decide to take this stance than it is quite likely that the tenancy will end at its earliest opportunity by either the tenants or yourself serving notice on the other. This will obviously result in some expense in needing to re-let the property to new tenants.  

What you decide to do will probably be dictated by the strength of your feeling and how happy you had been with your tenants aside from the pet. If your property is in Derby or the surrounding area and you would like advice on serving notice or re-drafting the tenancy agreement then please get in contact with us on either 01332 30 30 30 or lettings@aksresidential.com as we would love to help.

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