Our Charity Announcement

AKS will be making a donation to a local cancer charity every time we close a sale – in memory of Andrew’s “inspirational” mum.

We have agreed to donate £50 to Annabel’s Angels each time we sell a property.

Annabel’s Angels was set up in 2014 and helps Derbyshire families living with cancer with day-to-day living costs, by funding clothing, food, white goods and fuel for their cars.

Run entirely by volunteers, it has helped more than 250 families in its time and gives them £300 each time on average.’

Simon Hancox, chair of Annabel’s Angels, said: “We’re extremely grateful to Andrew for agreeing to raise money for our charity through AKS and we hope that he sells lots of houses during the rest of the year!

“We know all too well how deeply cancer can affects so many people’s lives and we’re touched by Andrew’s decision to turn the pain of losing his mum into a positive gesture that will benefit so many families who are currently experiencing that pain themselves.”