How Early Should I Advertise My Rental Property?


How Early Should I Advertise My Rental Property?

Landlords often ask me how far in advance of the tenants moving out they should put their properties back on the market. Start advertising too early and it will be too far off to interest tenants meaning it will stick on the market and start to look stale but start marketing too late and you might end up with a longer void period.

The right answer will vary with different types of property as it depends on the type of tenants you are likely to attract. Generally speaking families will be planning their move further ahead than young couples would. Therefore it is normally advisable to market larger homes further in advance of them being available then it would be smaller properties.

My advice for the vast majority of properties is not to put them on the rental market any further in advance then 6 weeks of them becoming available. It still won’t be suitable for some tenants who need to move sooner but at least that way won’t end up sitting on the market for too long. For larger executive style properties it would be worth stretching this out to two months but there is really no need to advertise any earlier than that. The only difference would be if you were aiming at the student market which is a totally different kettle of fish!

I hope you’ve this short article useful and please do feel free to get in touch for any advice on all things property.

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