6 Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Viewings


6 Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Viewings


Many people will buy a home as much on instinct as logic and will say that they just knew that a property felt right for them. The 6 tips below will help to make your potential buyers feel as comfortable as possible and increase the chances of them getting the feeling that your property is the one for them.

Cleaning- Make sure that your property is thoroughly cleaned to give the best possible first impression and show that your home is well cared for. Tidying up and putting things away will also help to make your home feel more spacious to potential buyers.

Gardening- Dependent on the time of year make sure that the grass is freshly mowed, bushes trimmed back and fallen leaves swept up. For many buyers the garden is almost as important as the house so you want it to be looking its best. An overgrown garden can also look un-manageable which again would be off-putting to purchasers.

Nice Smells- You want the buyers to feel as comfortable as possible when viewing your home and the right smell can definitely be a factor in helping to achieve this. A nice smell as you walk into a home can really help to make a great first impression. Things like freshly brewed coffee, scented candles or even some home baking all give off great welcoming smells. Many people buy on feeling and instinct so the more at home and comfortable they feel in your property the more likely they are to want to buy it.

Be prepared- Make sure you have got all the important information to hand so that you or your agent can confidently answer any questions that the buyers might have. Common questions are things like how much is the Council Tax, the average cost of the utility bills, how old is the boiler/when was it last serviced and what the neighbours are like. If your agent is doing the viewing then make sure that they are aware of these details so that the potential buyers can have all of their questions answered and have the information they would need in order to consider making an offer.

Adults Only- When the buyers look around you want them to be fully focussed on the house and hopefully imagining themselves living there. It is going to be more difficult for them to do this if there are children and pets running around as whether the buyers love children and animals or not you want them to be concentrating on your house and not to be distracted by anything. An ideal solution would be to take them all out for a walk before the buyers arrive or even better all head out and leave your agent with a key.

Finishing Touches- The best viewings are all about selling a lifestyle and making your buyers as comfortable as possible. The finishing touches can make a real difference in making your home stand out. A bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen, some flowers, freshly washed towels and bed linen will all really help with giving potential buyers the right feeling as they look around. You also want to make sure that the viewing starts off well with the buyers being able to get parked so make sure there is space on the drive or in front of your house for them to park as they arrive. 


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