5 Steps To Achieve A Quick Sale


5 Steps To Achieve A Quick Sale

Looking to sell your property quickly and still get a good price? Here’s our top 5 tips for getting your property sold quickly and none of them involve reducing the price!

Take Care of the Little Jobs

Those little jobs that you have just not got round to doing and barely even notice yourself anymore could be off-putting to prospective buyers. Have you got any loose cupboard handles, a small damp patch on the ceiling from an old leak that you haven’t got round to re-painting yet, discoloured or mouldy sealant around the shower or bath? Have a good look around the property and try to view it through the eyes of a potential buyer. Spend some time getting these relatively in-expensive jobs done and your property will be a lot more appealing to buyers.

Maximise the Space

Once you know you are going to be selling then it is time to de-clutter and to stop using the house in the way that works for you but instead think about maximising the appeal of the property. For example if you have a box room just used for general storage than this is wasted space and needs to be put to better use as either a study or even better set up as a child’s bedroom. The difference that an extra bedroom adds to the value of a property is tens of thousands of pounds so it’s important to make sure that each bedroom is used to show the property off in its best light.

Give Your Estate Agent a Key

Let your estate agent carry out the viewings as this gives the purchasers a chance to be more relaxed and honest as they view without worrying about causing offence and allows your estate agent to read them and get a feel for how interested they are. Your Estate Agent is then in a position to follow up immediately on any interest in terms of either arranging a second viewing or discussing an offer. Whilst some viewings are booked a few days in advance there will always be some people wanting to view at the last minute. Maybe they have just viewed something else in the area with the agent and have been encouraged to view yours as well so it is useful if your agent has a key so that viewings can be accommodated at short notice if necessary.

Instruct Your Solicitor Early

You want to put yourself in a position so that once you have found a buyer for your property the sale is able to go through quickly and smoothly. By instructing your solicitor at the time you put your property onto the market you can ensure that you have already completed all of the required paperwork and given this back to your solicitor. That way once you agree an offer the paperwork can be sent straight off to your buyer’s solicitor and the conveyancing can start straight away. Making sure that you select the right solicitor is also really important and its often a good idea to choose one recommended by your estate agent, not least because they will be able to work effectively together to push your sale along quickly and smoothly.

Choose the right Estate Agent

Your estate agent needs to be able to not only find a buyer quickly but then progress the sale through to completion in a timely manner. When selecting your estate agent ask them questions about their marketing strategy for your property and find out who will be looking after the sales progression for your property. Ultimately if you are looking to sell your property quickly whilst achieving full market value than their answers to these questions will be far more important than the fee that they quote you.

Thinking of selling yourself and want to find out more and discuss a specific marketing strategy for your house? If so please get in contact with us and we would be delighted to help.


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