4 Tips To Make Estate Agents See You As A Hot Buyer


4 Tips To Make Estate Agents See You As A Hot Buyer

Estate agents will register your details when you contact them looking to buy but their database can often consist of hundreds of people. They will also have a smaller list of what they would term ‘hot buyers’ that they think to call as soon as a new property comes onto the market. Follow our 4 tips below to make sure you are one of the first buyers an agent thinks of when a suitable new property comes on.

Be Contactable

Not everyone uses a Landline these days but make sure that when you register with an estate agent you give them at least a mobile number and email in addition to your address. To help you with your property search they need to be able to communicate with you regularly and therefore need to be able to actually reach you. If they leave you a voicemail then do return the call so that they know you are still looking for somewhere and you will therefore remain top of mind.

Be in a Position to Buy

Estate agents will want to know that you are in a position to go ahead and actually buy a property once you see one that you like. If you have your own property to sell then you will need to have this already on the market and under offer. Equally assuming that you will require a mortgage then they will want to know that you already have an agreement in principle in place.

View Some Properties

It’s difficult to properly judge a property from a set of details and there is no substitute for getting out and viewing some properties. This will show estate agents that you are serious about finding a property and even if you don’t like a particular property the feedback you give the agent will be useful in helping them get a better idea of what your ideal property would look like. You may even find yourself falling in love with a property that you might have otherwise dismissed through not liking the photos.

Have a Timescale

Estate agents will normally try and establish your timescale for moving and they do this partly as a way of establishing your level of motivation for the move. For example if you need to buy a property as you are moving to the area to start a new job in a couple of months or perhaps need to buy a property in your preferred schools catchment area before the admissions process opens then these would both be good indicators of people who are serious about buying and likely to purchase a property fairly shortly. You might not be in a similar position but the more committed to moving you sound the ‘hotter’ the agent will rate you as a potential buyer and they will therefore make sure that you are one of the first people they think of when they put new properties onto the market. 


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