3 Simple Tips To Attract The Best Tenants


3 Simple Tips To Attract The Best Tenants

All Landlords of course want to find tenants that will look after their property, keep it clean and treat it as their own. To appeal to this type of tenant you have to ensure that your property is presented correctly as the standard of a property often matches the tenant it attracts. Below are 3 simple tips which if followed will make your property attractive to the right tenants.


First impressions really count so you need your property to be nicely decorated for tenants to feel like it would make a nice home for them. Tired walls with scuff marks aren’t going to attract the sort of house-proud tenants that you want to find. Make sure that your property is nicely decorated and try to avoid having just magnolia or white paint throughout as a few feature walls will really help to add a bit of colour and personality to the property to make it stand out.


Loose handles, cupboards off hinges, overgrown gardens and discoloured sealant in bathrooms are all the sorts of problems that are often seen in tired looking rental properties. From a tenant’s perspective they are looking for a nice home but they also want to have confidence that their Landlord will promptly fix any maintenance issues that arise. If there are outstanding maintenance jobs in a property that don’t appear to be in the process of being fixed the impression this gives the tenant is that the property is not well maintained. If you want to find tenants that will look after your property then you need to show that you actually look after it yourself as well!


This is probably first thing tenants notice when they look around and can make a huge difference to how they view a property. So many rental properties on the market will be in a dirty condition so if your one is spotless then it will immediately make it stand out from the rest. If you are looking for tenants that will keep your property clean then you need to ensure your property is spotless to attract them. A really good tip is to get your property professionally cleaned as this will help to attract the right tenants and make it easier to let. Better still you only need to do this once as your tenants will then need to get the property professionally cleaned when they move out and the cycle then continues.

The above tips are all fairly inexpensive and apply equally whether you are looking to rent out a one bedroom flat in Allenton or a five bedroom house in Allestree. A little bit of time and money at the start will mean that your property will rent quicker and be more appealing to the sort of quality tenant you are looking for.

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