Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our FAQ’s below, if you still need help contact us.

1: How long does it take to move into a property?

We can only move you into a property once the referencing process has been completed, the paperwork drawn up and an Inventory carried out. The amount of time that this takes is often dictated by how long it takes to receive references from your Employer and Landlord although we will work with you to help ensure this is completed as soon as possible. We have moved people in within 48 hours although on average the process can take 7-10 days.

2: What are the Referencing Requirements?

We work with an independent insurance company to carry out references on our tenants. This consists of a credit check, employment reference and a Landlord reference (if you are currently renting). The minimum income requirements are 2.5 times your share of the rent from either a permanent job or a job with a contract longer than the length of tenancy you are looking for. If you are unsure if you will meet the requirements or think you might need to have a guarantor then please just speak to us.

3: How far in advance should I start looking for a property?

This does depend to a certain extent on the type of property you are looking for as generally the larger the property the further in advance it is marketed. However the vast amount of properties that we advertise are available within a month or less and are often immediately available. If you start looking for a property too early then you may fall in love with your ideal home but be in a position where you are unable to move and the Landlord is looking for tenants who can move in asap. Our advice would be to start looking a month in advance of when you need to move.

4: Does everyone who is moving in need to be referenced and sign the contract?

The short answer to this is yes! We will need to reference everyone over the age of 18 and each person will need to signed the Tenancy Agreement before we are able to release the keys.

5: Do you accept pets?

It is a standard clause in our contracts that pets are not allowed in a property without the Landlords permission. Each Landlord will have their own viewpoint on what they will allow and we do normally indicate in our adverts if a property will consider pets. If you do have pets the best thing to do is speak with us as we can advise you on what suitable options we have and may also be able to speak to one of our Landlords to encourage them to accept your pets. Please note that if permission is given for a pet than there is an additional ‘Pet Deposit’ of £100 payable on top of the standard deposit and it is a condition of permission being given that the property is professionally cleaned and the carpets steam cleaned at the end of the tenancy.

6: What do I need to pay before moving in?

In addition to our agency fees which are detailed here you will normally need to pay the first month’s rent and a deposit which would generally be an amount equal to the monthly rent + £100. It’s always important to remember that this money will need to be paid in cleared funds prior to your move date to avoid any last minute problems with being able to release the keys!

7: What is the minimum contract period?

An Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) needs to be for a minimum period of at least 6 months.

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