The Lettings Process

Finding your Property

Before you start to look for a new home to rent you should take some time to work out how much you are prepared to pay, your preferred moving timescale and the locations that would be suitable for you. When registering with us it is helpful if you can provide as much information as possible about the sort of property you are looking for and the areas that you would like to live in. This will help us to ensure that we don’t waste your time by showing you unsuitable properties, and will be able to let you know immediately when a suitable property comes onto the market with us. It is a good idea to provide us with an email address as well as 2 phone numbers so that we are able to notify you about new instructions straight away to try and limit the possibility of you missing out on your perfect property.

Securing a Property

Once you have seen a property that you would like to move into you will need to secure it. In order to do this we will need to confirm the details ie the date you would like to move in, who will be living at the property, rent and type of tenancy.

It is worth bearing in mind that the rental market is very busy and that if you have found a property that you are interested in it is likely that there will be other people interested in it too. Our advice is to have a careful think and make sure that the property will be right for you but to make your decision quickly so as to avoid the possibility of missing out.

Once the details have been agreed you will need to pay a holding deposit so that the property can be taken off of the market. This is only refundable if for any reason the landlord changes their mind so you will need to be 100% sure that you wish to proceed with the property before paying this.

What Happens Next

Once the property has been secured all adults that will be moving in are required to complete a reference application form and provide a copy of either a passport or driving license. An independent referencing company will conduct credit checks and take up references from current employers as well as Landlords where applicable. The referencing process takes on average 3-5 days but this is dependent on how long it takes the referencing company to receive replies from the various parties, for this reason it is recommended that you let your employers and landlord know that they will be contacted and confirm that they have your consent for a reference to be provided.

Once you have satisfactorily passed through our referencing process we will contact you to confirm a move in date and agree a time for you to visit the office to sign the legal paperwork and pay the move in monies.

Moving In

In addition to signing the tenancy agreement and paying the outstanding balance of move in monies you will also need to sign a copy of the Inventory and set up a standing order for subsequent rent payments before the keys are released. If your property will be managed by your landlord then at this stage you will be provided with their contact details for future reference. Now all you have left to do is move yourself into the property and settle into your new home!

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